How much the farmers will benefit from the new agricultural laws of the government

Our Annadata is on the streets and it has been 14 days, many rounds of talks have been held between the government and the farmers, but so far no conclusion has been reached. We cannot say anything about how much the farmers will benefit or how much will be hurt by this law, but the farmers are adamant on their insistence and the government insists that we will not withdraw this agricultural law. And farmers do not appear ready to go ahead with this agricultural laws at any cost, now it will be concluded with time that how beneficial it will be and how harmful it will be. Farmers have different problems and they have different demand. We will see how much loss is there and how much profit is there from this bill. Today is the 10th date and till date the farmers have made all their efforts that how they can reach the government. And many rounds of negotiations have taken place, but they have not been able to conclude, the farmers have had talks with the Agriculture Minister, with the Honorable Home Minister, but they have not yielded any result. Now let’s see Which action of farmers comes. On 8 December, the farmers called Bharat Bandh. Which was supported by about 24 political parties. As political support, the protest is no longer just about the farmers. Now people are also saying that it has now become a political protest. Sides and Opposites This movement has sat in two camps, those who are on the side are calling it an immoral movement and those who are in opposition are calling it the movement of farmers. But I also request the farmer brothers that whatever movement took place inside India, whether it was Jat movement or Gurjar movement, no movement was spoken against India. But in this peasant movement, anti-India talk should be done, Pakistan Zindabad slogans, Khalistan Zindabad slogans, Khalistan flags wave Now how can we call this the farmers’ movement? You see, the movement is being supported outside India as well and that is the right support where there is a ruckus outside those where our ambassadors are. Is there a threat to their security? Is this a peasant movement? Are there farmers too? Or are the people who are living outside as much worried about the farmers? Or does he want to shine his political loaves? In my view, farmers should speak with an open mind, we do not need any government, any party of any opposition, we know to take our rights ourselves. We do not need any opposition party to come and support us. We farmers are so capable that we know how to run our own movement, and yes, all those who want to come to the opposition or party to serve their political loaths, do not discredit this movement.

Farmers’ concerns with the new agricultural law:

The biggest concern for the farmers with this law is that if the Modi government does not withdraw the agricultural laws, then in the coming time they will get one and a quarter of their produce. The cost of the farm will not come out. If the cost incurred in the crop is not able to come out, then the condition of the farmer will become worse. Along with this, farmers also fear that the minimum support price that is the MSP will also go away, if this law remains in force. The ordinance was introduced in this bill in June and it was passed by voice vote in the monsoon session of Parliament. While the opposition parties were against this law and the biggest thing was that our honorable minister was in support of this law. Which is from the same Punjab and when this law came into force then it was opposed.

According to The Farmer Produce Trade and Commerce, according to the 2020 law, farmers can pay their produce outside the mandis notified by the APMC Market Committee without giving tax to another state. The second law is Farmer Empowerment and Protection Insurance and Service Act 2020.

According to this, farmers can do contract farming and directly market it, ie before the sowing of the crop you will have a contract, so that the price of your crop is going to be in advance. If it is fixed, then the chances of loss are very less. The third law is the Essential Commodity Amendment Act, 2020. In this, apart from production storage, the sale of cereals and pulses, oil and onions has been deregulated except in exceptional circumstances. Emergencies happen. There is a natural disaster. Just like the coronavirus epidemic. In Coronavirus, the government has prevented people from stocking, if there is no war and there is no natural disaster, then you can store other wise you cannot store it. Along with this, private investment in agricultural market processing and infrastructure will be encouraged, farmers have a new concern. Will the farmers get the minimum support price ie. MSP? The biggest pain has emerged in the protests of MSP farmers. That is, it should not happen that the government that gives MSP should not have any value. It becomes ineffective. In my view, if the MSP government gives anything and does not buy it, then what will happen to that MSP? The government fixes an MSP of every crop. On which the government also arranges to buy, at this MSP rate, we will buy crops. There is a difference between MSP and MRP which is the minimum support price. Minimum Support Price and Retail Price Farmers get minimum support that at least this much should be given.

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